Serene Splendor: Kayaking Lofton Creek

Has the stress of life made it hard for you to appreciate the small things in life? Are you tense and finding it hard to relax? Take a break from your day to day routine by taking a kayaking trip through Lofton Creek. Lofton Creek is a nice, relaxing creek that is an excellent choice for anybody looking to kayak and relax. Jacksonville tours through Lofton Creek are a great way to spend a weekend and reconnect with nature.

Lofton creek is located in Yulee, Florida. It winds slowly through various forests and across the country, taking kayak riders through many beautiful areas. Branches from maple, cypress, bay and red maple trees shade the banks of the river along the entire length. These trees have been left untouched for hundreds of years. One of the major sights on this tour is the “Cypress Tree” which is a 150 foot tall cypress tree. Paddlers will be stunned at this giant tree.

Even the wild life takes it easy along the banks of the Lofton Creek. Many kayakers come face to face with wildlife while kayaking down this Creek, even often witnessing an alligator lying on the bank. Various birds fly through the air, giving out their beautiful calls. Herons, hawks, and woodpeckers are commonly sighted along this route. Don’t be shocked to see turtles and otters splashing in the water or floating on their backs slowly down the creek.

The serene splendor of the Lofton Creek makes it one of the most talked about and visited areas along any Jacksonville tours. The trip down the river takes around two hours, depending on how fast the paddling pace is. This is one excursion where taking your time and enjoying the blissful surroundings is always a great idea.


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