Kayaking Lofton Creek

While kayaking is an exciting sport that can leave you feeling breathless after an exhilarating trip, it is also a great way to relax and experience nature in an entirely new way. One of the best places to go for such a relaxing run is the Lofton Creek in Yulee, Florida. This trip is one of the many Jacksonville tours that will take your breath away and leave you completely in love with your kayak.

The creek is slow paced, and it lets you choose your own paddling speed. Large Cyprus, bay and maple trees on the creek side help shade you from the sun and wind. It’s truly relaxing to see these trees gently wave in the wind and hear no human made sounds beyond your own paddle breaking the water.

Lofton Creek flows through some of the most out of the way and peaceful areas of the Florida wild. Even the alligators seem to relax on the river as they slowly move up and down and enjoy the sun. The slow pace of life on the Lofton Creek helps soothe the mind after too much time spent in the wilds of the city and real life.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Lofton Creek is the 150 foot tall cypress tree. This massive tree is truly a sight to behold as it can be incredibly difficult to see the top from the river. Anybody that sees this tree will find it hard to forget.

A trip down the full length of the creek takes about two hours, depending on your speed and on the tides. Although the creek does fall prey to tides, it rarely becomes very difficult. The slow pace of the creek as well as its size avoids creating a huge on-rush of tide influenced strain.


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