Kayak Fishing in Jacksonville

Kayaking is by far one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences one can have. It provides a rush of adrenaline as well as a full and complete workout. It would almost seem unheard of to pair this exhilarating sport with the laid back style of fishing. However, when combined, these two polar opposite endeavors make for one great adventure.

If kayak fishing is something that sparks an interest, Florida is the place to go. There are many fishing tours in Jacksonville, FL that will help beginners become more familiar with the sport so that they will be comfortable when in the water. These tours can be seen as guides or tutorials to prevent accidents, build up confidence and teach the rules of the water.

The Jacksonville area is wonderful place to experience kayak fishing because the city has such a variety of bodies of water to choose from. From saltwater creeks, to fresh water ponds, there is something for everyone. While fishing, kayakers can expect to see various types of fish as well. In this region, it is highly common to see redfish, flounder, spotted sea trout, black drum and stripers. In addition, it is also likely to see a plethora of catfish, bass, crappie and bluegill fish as well.

Because kayaking requires so much energy and work, it can be an amazing workout. It uses many muscles in the body that often get neglected. Kayak fishing as a sport provides an opportunity to experience nature in a fun and exciting way. Researching kayak fishing tours in Jacksonville and stepping out into something new and rewarding is a great way to start out this brand new year.

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