Julington Creek Kayaking Tours in Jacksonville

Among kayaking tours in Jacksonville, a treasure worth the trip is Julington Creek, a hidden gem of a paddling trail nestled among the southern suburbs. Julington Creek is the perfect place for kayakers who want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the outdoors without venturing too far off the beaten path. Although it’s just steps from a suburban shopping center, once one pushes away from the easily accessible low entry dock, the city is left behind!

Paddling on the smooth water, the only reminders of the nearby suburbs are a few homes that peak into view along the banks of the tree lined creek. The peaceful setting provides a beautiful backdrop for an afternoon of relaxed paddling. The canopy of trees provides protection against the sun, although one will want a hat or other sun protection for less shaded spots. The water was very calm, no rough spots or fast water, although there are occasional clumps of weeds that one should avoid to prevent entanglement. Wildlife sighting opportunities include turtles and water fowl.

The paddling trail is an easy route, and ends where Julington Creek meets the three mile wide St. John’s River. A local diner at the mouth of the creek is a great spot to stop for a refreshing beverage or to grab a stretch before the return trip back up Julington Creek. Those looking for kayaking tours in Jacksonville will find that the paddling trail at Julington Creek provides a perfect setting for a day’s kayaking excursion.



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  • Roger Linville says:

    Julington Creek and her sister Durbin Creek are true jewels for smooth water paddling. The two merge near Clark’s Fish Camp on Hood Landing Road. Except for summer weekends, motor boats are not numerous and both creeks offer a relaxing outing. Opportunities for some great photography are found around every bend. These are some of my favorite waterways.

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