Experience History at Ft. George Island

A North Florida kayaking trip down the Ft. George River is a fantastic and educational trip. Jacksonville tours are a wonderful choice for kayaking during which you can experience nature and history from the salt marsh creeks and turquoise blue waters of Ft. George Island. This adventure is filled with an abundance of wildlife and birds, including osprey and wading birds. Ft. George Island is filled with North Florida history, and is a great place to take a day long escape from the busy atmosphere of Jacksonville.

After getting underway, around the first bend one may spot a Great Egret wading not far from shore. More paddling brings the kayak to the salt marsh creek and the Timucuan Preserve, where the estuary forms thousands of acres of tributaries that bend and wind along the marshland. At every twist and turn, birds are spotted waiting for their fish dinner. With canals as protection, bird populations thrive here. One might come across a roseate spoonbill, whose beautiful pink color is marvelous to see.

With a rich history, The Ft. George Island area was occupied by Indians prior to having a fort built by the colonists. Occupied for over 5000 years, the island’s name is derived from the fort built to defend the southern area of the colony of Georgia in 1736.

This kayak trip is through turquoise waters, white sand bars and an abundantly diverse ecosystem. It is a truly fascinating experience and one of the more memorable Jacksonville tours that are offered. With a wonderful workout, amazing views of nature, and being close to wildlife, it is a unique kayaking adventure in the northern Florida area.

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