Birding and Archeology in Florida: Kayaking Around St. Augustine

Whether you are an avid birder and nature enthusiast, or are simply a history buff that longs for a view of the oldest town in the nation, St. Augustine Florida is filled with fascinating scenery for you. A leisurely kayaking trip through parts of the Tolomato and Guana Rivers offer a great escape from the world, while located only a short drive from the cobble stone streets of the historical downtown area. This area is a birder’s paradise, and is well known for its white pelicans and ducks. When kayaking through St. Augustine, bring a good, water proof camera. Early on in your trip you can expect to photograph something spectacular, like a tri-colored heron!

Florida has a complicated history. It is a landscape notorious for harboring pirates, trappers, bootleggers, poachers and radical environmentalists. St. Augustine, named by the Spanish conquistadors, is the oldest city in the nation and boasts old homes and even a large fort as proof!

As you paddle down the Guana River, it is almost too tempting to wonder if you will bear witness to the remnants of any shipwrecks or lost Spanish galleons! The idea of chasing a great egret or wood stork through the waterways of Florida is easily replaced by dreams of fame, fortune and archeological adventure. You may be shocked to learn that many of the large formations that you are seeing along the shore of the Guana River are in fact Indian burial mounds. A simple kayaking trip through this region is sure to satisfy both the nature enthusiast and archeologist within you!


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