Intermediate Kayaking Instruction

Once you’ve mastered the basics of beginner kayaking, it’s time to move on to something a little more challenging. Are you ready to take your kayaking to the next level? First Coast Outfitters offers two courses for intermediate kayaking instruction:

Intermediate Covers: Self and Assisted Rescues and Strokes and Maneuvers II

Self and Assisted Rescues

In this course, our ACA Certified Coastal Kayak instructors will expand upon the basic rescue techniques you learned in your beginner kayaking courses to broaden your repertoire of rescue skills. You’ll learn many new and important rescue techniques, including:

  • Reenter and roll, or paddle-float reenter and roll
  • Towing
  • All-in
  • Scoop
  • Hand-of-God

We’ll simulate some real-life sticky situations to help you perform these techniques under pressure. This will help you apply these techniques on the water when you need them most. To qualify, you must first take our Beginner Kayaking Instruction courses or receive special permission from the instructor.

Strokes and Maneuvers II

Once you’ve taken our Strokes and Maneuvers I course and taken some time to practice the skills you learned, you’ll be ready to tackle some more advanced techniques for moving your kayak on the water. This course will refine the strokes you learned in Strokes and Maneuvers I while also teaching you some new tricks, including:

  • Bow rudder
  • Stern rudder
  • Side slip

Strokes and Maneuvers II will help you make every stroke more effective and efficient. We will also assess your technique with a video review of your strokes. To qualify, you must complete Strokes and Maneuvers I or receive special permission from the instructor.

  • 3 hour Course
  • Cost $50
  • Includes all equipment
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