Beginner Kayak Instruction

Join First Coast Outfitters for Beginner Kayak Instruction to experience the excitement of kayaking in a fun, supportive and safe environment. 

Using American Canoe Association (ACA) standards, First Coast Outfitters offers the most progressive beginner kayak instruction available in Jacksonville. Our Beginner Kayak Instruction classes establish the foundation that all paddlers need on open and protected waters.

NO experience necessary—just a budding passion for paddling!

Learn basic kayak maneuvers, strokes and water safety skills necessary to become a skilled and confident kayaker by taking our following novice courses:

Beginners Covers: Quick Start and Strokes and Maneuvers

Quick Start Course

Dip your paddle in the First Coast waters beginning with the Quick Start Course—your personal introduction to kayaking basics. The Quick Start Course will teach you fundamental maneuverability and general safety tips to guarantee a safe and fun day on the water.

Learn how to safely enter and exit the boat, paddle and launch your kayak on the water. This course can be taken in any type|size of kayak—sit-on-top, recreational or full size—and is a great way to try out different types of kayaks before making a kayak purchase. Are you ready to get wet?

Strokes and Maneuvers I

In this beginner’s course, our ACA certified instructors will walk you through each of the most effective stroke types for enhanced maneuverability on the water. This class includes step by step instruction on how to perform forward strokes, sweeps, reverse strokes, draws and low brace—we will also touch on edging among other techniques to improve your efficiency.

  • 3 hour Course
  • Cost: $50
  • Includes all equipment