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How to Pack Your Yak

Posted: Apr 25 in Kayaking Blog by

Once you have your route planned and some dry storage solutions for your gear, all that’s left is to pack up and hit the water. However, packing for a kayak trip can be easier said than done. Because you have limited space in your boat and the arrangement of your equipment can affect your paddling performance, it helps to keep a few things in mind as you stow your gear for launch. [Read more]

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Plan Before You Paddle: Picking a Multiday Route

Posted: Apr 05 in Kayaking Blog by

Whether you’re spending the afternoon kayaking in Jacksonville or planning an excursion somewhere far, far away, it helps to know where you’re going. Planning your route is especially important on lengthy kayak camping trips, as you’ll need to get a sense of the challenges you face before setting out. These tips can help you plan an enjoyable multiday route that doesn’t push you past your limits. [Read more]

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Storing Your Kayak

Posted: Mar 28 in Kayaking Blog by

If stored in certain positions, your kayak can distort itself with its own weight. You’ll need to make sure that your kayak’s weight is always distributed evenly by supporting it at many points along the hull. The best way to do this is with cradles or nylon strips that can conform to the curvature of the hull. [Read more]

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Staying Comfy in Your Kayak

Posted: Mar 13 in Kayaking Blog by

Paddling is hard work. From dehydration to sore muscles, your Jacksonville kayaking expeditions can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re ill-prepared for the challenges that await you. Aches, pains and poor hydration can hinder your stamina and performance, but they can also make your kayak trips far less enjoyable, changing your time on the water from fun to frustration. [Read more]

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Paddling with Perfect Form

Posted: Feb 26 in Kayaking Blog by

If you hope to get the most out of your kayaking experiences, it will take much more than putting the paddle in the water and hoping for the best. To be as efficient as possible on the water, you should focus on maintaining proper form in every stroke, which involves not only your paddle, but your body and boat as well. [Read more]

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Fit to Paddle Further: Conditioning and Kayaking

Posted: Feb 13 in Kayaking Blog by

As any Florida kayaking veteran will tell you, paddling isn’t just an exciting pastime—it’s also a serious workout. An hour of vigorous paddling will help you burn about 600 calories, engaging muscles all over the body as you propel yourself through the water and work to keep your balance. [Read more]

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Paddling Past Dark

Posted: Jan 24 in Kayaking Blog by

If you’re a true paddling fanatic, you’re in the water until the sun goes down, but what about staying out even later? Though the ocean waves can seem much more intimidating after the sun has set over Jacksonville, kayaking at night can be an excitingly eerie experience—provided you take the right precautions, of course. [Read more]

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Get Schooled: Why to Take a Kayak Lesson

Posted: Jan 14 in Kayaking Blog by

Accessibility is part of what makes kayaking such a popular sport. Regardless of your age, fitness and skill, paddling can be an enjoyable experience, even on your first time out. But if you find yourself drawn to kayaking as a hobby or hope to make the most of that next Jacksonville kayak tour, it helps to have a few pointers from someone who spends a lot of time on the water. [Read more]

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Safety First: Florida Kayak Fishing

Posted: Dec 30 in Kayaking Blog by

Living near the ocean has its perks. We have countless opportunities to make the most of Florida kayaking, from Jacksonville tours to serious surfing, but paddle junkies and landlubbers alike can agree on one thing: the seafood is pretty awesome. [Read more]

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When Hypothermia Strikes

Posted: Dec 24 in Kayaking Blog by

Even during the coldest months, it can feel like we’re above the threat of hypothermia when kayaking in Florida, but taking a spill in the chilly winter waters can be a rude awakening. The water temperature at Jacksonville Beach dips well below 60 degrees in January and February, cold enough to threaten us with hypothermia and yes, even “cold water shock”. But never fear—by making the right preparations and knowing the potential dangers, you can safely kayak in Jacksonville year round. [Read more]

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